The Mark Six Lottery in Hong Kong

Lottery Hongkong

The Hong Kong Jockey Club operates the Mark Six lottery in Hong Kong. Its founding date is 1884 and it is one of the world’s largest philanthropic organizations, donating an average of HK $1 billion to charity each year.

Its principal purpose is to raise funds for a variety of different causes that include the development of sports, healthy living, jobs and employment, entertainment and games, possibilities, the cultivation of culture and arts plus helping and volunteering. It also donates to education, youth programs and a number of other causes.

There are three major draws each week, including the Mark Six jackpot draw and special “Snowball” draws. These are held at special times throughout the year and often feature much larger jackpots, which can reach huge sums of HK$100 million or more on occasion.

A lot of people are drawn to the Mark Six Lottery due to the fact that it has a progressively increasing jackpot, meaning that you can win big money even if you don’t match all the numbers. The game is very simple to play, all you need to do is select six numbers and then at the end of each draw an additional number is drawn – this is called the bonus ball.

This extra number is used to determine the winners of the second and third tier prizes. The amount of money that is won in these tiers goes into the jackpot fund and continues to grow until it is eventually won by someone.