Singapore Lottery

Lottery Singapore

Currently, the two most popular gambling games in Singapore are Toto and 4Digits. Both are held by Singapore Pools, the only legal lottery operator in the country.

In the Toto Singapore lottery, players choose six numbers from a pool of one to 49. The jackpot prize is won if a player matches at least three of the six numbers. The jackpot rollovers to the next draw if no winner is drawn for four consecutive draws.

The first anti-gambling law in Singapore was introduced in 1888. However, lucky draws are exempted from the ban. Gambling is also prohibited in many countries.

Singapore Pools is a government-owned company that operates lotteries. In 1986, Singapore Pools signed a six-year contract with IGT, a subsidiary of International Game Technology. This agreement allows IGT to provide lottery services to Singapore Pools through its central lottery system, Aurora. It is a sophisticated central system that supports significant number of daily transactions.

Singapore Pools has a history of generating winning prizes. In 2013, the top prize grew to 2.3 million dollars.

The Singapore Pools website is a great place to check on the results of previous draws. The website also allows you to check on the odds of winning any prize. The odds are one in 54.

Singapore Pools conducts draws according to strict security guidelines. The draws are also conducted in a closed environment, in the presence of external auditors. This ensures that only authorised players can participate.