Singapore Lottery

Lottery Singapore

Big Sweep, 4D, Toto… there are a lot of ways to win at Singapore Pools. On the Feb 11 2022, a $16 million snowballed Toto Hongbao grand prize will mark the largest prize in the operator’s history. And tickets cost just a few dollars. Even if you’re only getting a one in a million chance, it’s worth that small investment right?

The most popular lottery in Singapore is TOTO, which involves picking six numbers from 1 to 49. It’s drawn every Monday and Thursday at 6:30 PM, and winnings are announced shortly after the draw. Ticket holders can check the results through the official website or other online platforms.

TOTO is the only legal form of lottery in Singapore, and it can be purchased at any of the outlets run by Singapore Pools. Its prizes can be quite large, and the odds of winning are fairly high. The Straits Times recently spoke to a woman who claimed the jackpot prize of $5 million from a TOTO ticket purchased at an outlet in Toa Payoh Central last year.

Lottery winnings are tax-exempt in Singapore. This is partly because the government generates enough revenue from gambling (through the Tote Board) without having to levy additional taxes on winners. In the US, for example, lottery winnings are taxable and must be reported to the IRS. In fact, the Internal Revenue Service takes a 24 per cent federal withholding tax from all lottery winnings before they’re distributed to winners.