Lottery Singapore – The Leading Lottery Operator in the Region

Lottery Singapore

Lottery Singapore has been around since 1968 and it is the leading lottery operator in the region. It is regulated by the Tote Board and also provides services in sports betting, horse racing and other gambling products.

There are many games to choose from at Singapore Pools, including 4D lottery, Toto, Singapore Sweep, Horse Racing and more. These games are a popular form of entertainment and have helped the lottery earn more than $9.2 billion in the last financial year, an increase of 40% from the previous year.

Toto is one of the most famous lottery games in Singapore. The game was first launched in 1968 and has been a favorite among Singaporeans ever since. Toto is a fun and exciting way to win big money.

It has 6 tiers of prizes and each draw features a supplementary number that can make up to eight percent of the prize pool. The jackpot prize tier is the largest and you can win a million dollars by matching all six numbers plus the supplementary number.

You can play Toto at any of the Singapore Pools outlets across the city. You can also play Toto online, but this option is not available for people who live outside of Singapore.

Toto is a legal national lottery that can be played by any person on the territory of Singapore. However, it is not possible to purchase Toto tickets from other countries. Therefore, if you are looking for a safe and secure way to play Toto, you should definitely consider purchasing your Toto ticket from Singapore Pools.