Lottery Singapore

Lottery Singapore is the only legal lottery operator in Singapore. It offers three different types of lotteries: Toto, Hong Bao and Singapore Sweep. Each lottery has multiple tiers of cash prizes, and the odds of winning are different depending on which tier you win.

Toto is a 6/49 game that is played twice a week on Monday and Thursday. A single ticket costs 1 dollar, but you can also buy a system to increase your chances of winning the jackpot prize.

The odds of winning are a 1 in 54, while the prizes vary from S$1 million to $3 million. You can purchase Toto tickets at any of the Singapore Pools outlets.

Singapore Sweep is a lottery that is owned by Singapore Pools and draws on the first Wednesday of each month. A prize of $1,000 is awarded to any player who matches one of 19 seven-digit winning numbers, while players can also win $6 if their final two digits match any of the nine winning two-digit numbers drawn.

Singapore Pools is the only gambling operator in Singapore and conducts both terrestrial and online betting. Its remote gambling operations are mainly for sports betting punters and have a relatively small share of the overall gaming market in Singapore, compared to the population as a whole. In addition to offering terrestrial and remote betting, Singapore Pools also holds the licence for horse racing in Singapore. In fact, horse racing bets amounted to S$818 million in the last financial year, an increase of 65 per cent from the previous year’s figures.